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In 2008, Live Well Chiropractic (while under our old name ‘The Chiropractic Wellness Practice’) was proud to be the first clinic in Yorkshire to introduce the 'Insight Discovery Subluxation Station'. This space age technology is certified by the Space Foundation in co-operation with NASA and was originally designed to measure the effects of space flight on astronauts. Since then it has evolved to incorporate five pieces of state-of-the-art technology, designed to measure elements of every aspect of the spine and nervous system from joints (movement), pain (sensory nerves), muscles (motor nerves), and stressed organ function (autonomic nerves).

Although we most often rely on how we feel as a measure of how we are, the fact is that only 10% of your nervous system is involved in the transmission and awareness of sensations through sensory nerves (cold, heat, touch, pain). The other 90% of your nervous system is divided into motor nerves (controlling muscle activity) and autonomic nerves (controlling organs, glands and blood vessels).

This means that only 10% of your nervous system is concerned with how you feel, while the other 90% is concerned with how you function. As a result, when things are going wrong within the body, pain is often the last thing you feel.

While many people present to our clinic in pain or discomfort and our initial goal is to alleviate your discomfort, we recognise the importance in determining the cause of your problems. Accurate measurements of disturbance within the nervous system other than the sensory nerves allow us to visualise the function of your master control (nervous system), thereby providing the opportunity to not only alleviate pain and discomfort but restore the body to proper function.

Our non-invasive, pain-free and 100% safe technology consists of:

sEMG (Surface Electromyography)

sEMG measures how well the motor nerves are controlling your muscles. Disturbances within the motor nerves cause abnormal muscle function (spasm, weakness, imbalance). This in turn can cause pain and disturbance in other areas of the nervous system affecting other bodily functions. Areas of disturbance are displayed in order of severity via coloured bars.


A normal sEMG scan. White symmetrical bars indicate normal muscle activity and no disturbance in the motor nerves.


 sEMG normal

Nerve interference is indicated by coloured bars:

Green = Mildnerve disturbance

Blue = Moderatenerve disturbance

Red = Severenerve disturbance

sEMG amplitude


Asymmetrical bars indicate imbalances in muscle activity.

sEMG imbalance

Rolling Thermal Scan

This scan measures disturbances within the autonomic nerves which control your organs, glands and blood vessels.



As with sEMG, coloured bars indicate areas of nerve disturbance.

Dual Wireless Inclinometer

This measures spinal motion and flexibility. Prolonged abnormal movement and restriction in spinal joints can cause pain and increases the risk of wear & tear.


Even in the early stages of spinal restriction, the lack of movement can interfere with the very structure the spine is meant to protect - the nervous system.


Since sensory nerves only comprise 10% of the nervous system, this is the only piece of our five piece technology that directly measures pain. As most people are able to tell whether they have pain or not, this technology is useful in determining and quantifying areas of tenderness that may or may not be obvious to you.


By measuring sensitivity to pressure, the algometer quantifies pain by numbers -allowing us to monitor reduction in both pain and ares of sensitivity.

Pulse Wave Profiler/Heart Rate Variability

This state-state-of-the-art technology measures the balance and tone of your nervous system by measuring the timing of your heart rate over time. Proper balance and tone within your nervous system is vital for the body to react and adapt to your environment.


Proper balance and tone in your nervous system (heart rate variability) is associated with better adaptability to your environment and thus a healthier lifestyle.

A low heart rate variability is associated with premature aging and poor health.

 Published research has shown that chiropractic care has a beneficial effect on heart rate variability.


Neuro Spinal Function Index (NSFi)

Our sophisticated five piece technology measures five distinct aspects of nervous system function. While these are extremely useful in their own right, we have the ability to sum up all the findings into one easy number - representing the overall and complete function of your nervous system and it's potential impact on your health.



Since we are so used to thinking we are healthy because we 'feel ok' the fact that only 10% of the nervous system determines how you feel, makes how you feel a poor judge of how you are.

The NSFi provides an accurate measurement of the function of the nervous system and thus an insight into your health.

Our chiropractic care is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve your NSFi score by improving nervous system function which in turn can lead to a healthier and happier life.

Call us now on 01904 620620 to book an appointment to discuss any aches, pains or health concerns you have and determine whether our chiropractic services can help you.

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Severe Back Pain

After years of extreme lower back pain and having tried exerciseing, changing the mattress, sleeping on the floor, and taking varous prescibed medications I found little benificial effects.

Since attending for chiropractic care I have seen great improvement in mobility and a reduction in pain levels as well as being able to reduce the amount of medication and find it greatly beneficial to continue with regular check-ups to maintain optimal health benefits.

I have found Dr Kristian Einshoj to be of great character as a true professional in his approach to his patients, their needs and also in his ability to understand their physical problems and treat them to the best possible conclusion. 

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